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Camping, Dingo Beach, Hammock, Fire
Now... Where to start... Originally this was going to work through why I started this, but I have better things to write about... So in brief I started because I wanted to, I've been working up to it and thought it might help me out a bit - both now and in the future...

I've just put my Darling Girl to bed (well, she was already in bed), made her a hot chocolate and watched her fall asleep, possibly the most satisfying feeling I've ever felt - And sure, most of us have all been there, but this one's mine, and nothing can take that away.

No matter what happens Baby, no matter others have said, I'll be here, you have but to call. But hopefully I should be there before that's necessary. I've got that apprehensive feeling that things draw close to a testing point, don't forget Shade of my Heart, you  just need to call.

Sitting here drinking that hot chocolate, thinking of my future options and how to manipulate maximum practicality out of them. Needless to say the pressure 'is on', and my usual care-free approach isn't going to cut it this time.

It's quite... It's raining outside the window and the wind is whistling in... I like that...

I think it's time for bed.

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Was that real hot chocolate that I actually drank, or pretend 'I'll just make "hot chocolate".' hot chocolate...?

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